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Monthly Archives: January 2015


Good morning, Hopefully you are enjoying the snow. Unfortunately, due to yesterday’s cancellation mid-day, your section is now behind the 9:25 class. To catch up, I am requiring you before we return on Monday to listen to the 9:25 lecture and take notes. The lecture has been posted in the “lecture” section of the website. […]

Greek Civ

Good morning, Here is a link to your textbook for this term – Morris & Powell’s The Greeks. Currently is selling for $80 new, $50 used, and there is a rental option for $21. You may also want to check out, Ebay, or Chegg. Feel free to save a few bucks if you can.

US Gov’t

Good morning, Here is a link to your text for the term – Ginsberg & Lowi’s We the People – the Essentials 9th Edition. It is currently selling for $69 new and $53 used on Amazon. There is also a rental option for $45, which allows you to keep until May 29th. If you would […]

State & Local Gov’t

Good morning, Here is a link to your text for the term on Amazon – Bowman & Kearney’s State & Local Government – the Essentials. Currently Amazon is providing a rental option, which is only $35 for the book through May 29. But, as I said, you may also pick up a previous edition. The […]


Good morning, Here is the textbook you will need this term on Amazon – Beatty & Samuelson’s Business Law Text. The currents prices for used copies are really good right now. About 15 sellers have prices ranging from $23 to $65. You might also what to check out, Ebay, and Chegg. Remember: I do […]

All Classes

Good morning everyone, Welcome to the my website. This tool, if utilized properly, should help you in your efforts this term. With hard work, determination, and dedication to your studies, your time with me should both be rewarding and enlightening. I wish you all the best of luck.