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Monthly Archives: April 2015

PSC201 = US Gov’t

Do not forget – there is no class next week (5/5) and your final exam will take place the following Tuesday (5/12) at 4pm.


Because I was asked in both sections, I have updated the grade sheets before Monday’s exam. The grades reflect a final calculation of your participation grade. All briefs have been checked and bonus points were awarded for every time you were actually prepared to contribute to the class discussion. As it stands right now, approximately […]


Because I have been working you all so hard as of late, here is a gift for you all – no strings attached. LSB227 Final Review Study Guide

Final Exams for all classes

HIST118 – Wednesday May 6th, 8am LSB227-03 – Wednesday May 6th 9:25am LSB227-05 – Wednesday May 6th 12:15pm PSC201 – Tuesday May 12th 4:00pm PSC221 – Monday May 11th 11:30am

All Classes

Everything, as of today, has been graded and grade sheets for all sections have been updated.

PSC201 US Gov & PSC221 State-Local Gov

Your papers are due the last week of April. For both classes, I will except papers up through 10pm on Thursday 4/30. Papers must be submitted as either a .doc or .docx attachment. No hard copies will be accepted.


The final round of homework assignments have been added. Please check the homework page for details and due dates.