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Monthly Archives: March 2016


Due to today’s cancellation of classes thanks to the active shooter alert on campus, I will be giving you Exam #2 on Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend, and, with luck, I’ll see you next week.


In case you did not receive my email to your QCC account: Hello everyone, As you hopefully are aware of by now, the college is closed and all evening classes have been cancelled because of a bomb threat. If you are on your way, turn around and save yourself the effort. This obviously complicates things […]

For anyone interested…

…but especially for the HIST315 group. If you have a moment, please read this well written article on the importance of originalism. I found it fascinating.


Here are the next round of cases. The text should have excerpts of most of the cases below. For those that are in the book, make sure you find the facts online; for those that are not, you will need to find both the facts and the ruling. Also, I happen to notice that the […]


All recently submitted work has been graded, and grade sheets have been updated.

HIST315 Stuff

Three Page Essay #2 – Topic = Aaron Burr Treason Trial – Due Friday March 25 by 11:59:59pm. – You must submit paper via email & it must be either a .doc or .docx file. Marshall Cases – Marbury v Madison (1803) – Fletcher v. Peck (1810) – Martin v. Hunter’s Lessee (1816) – McCulloch […]

All Classes

Mid-Term Grades have been entered at both Nichols & QCC. Grade sheets on this page have been updated with all grade points. I did not, however, have a chance to update the attendance column. If you are a Nichols student, I did update your attendance in Moodle so you should have record of it. I […]


Your first exam will be on Wed 3/9, and it will cover all material covered thus far.