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Monthly Archives: May 2016


All work has been completed for State & Local Government. As I mentioned in class before your final, your research papers were superb and I truly appreciated the hard work you put in. Then, shortly there after, I graded your finals. Your effort clearly continued in your preparations, because the finals were excellent. So much […]


All work for US History II has been graded. Thanks for the hard work you all put in. I am truly appreciative that, in spite of the class time, the majority of you attended most of the sessions. Grades have already been filed with the college, so it will become official whenever QCC releases them […]


All of the exams have been completed. As is readily apparent, you all did significantly better on the final than Exam #2. In fact, you all did so well that I did not have to scale the exams. Nicely done! Way to end strong. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an […]


All work has been completed for both sections of LSB227, and the grade sheets have been updated. Awesome work on the finals! FYI: There was no need for a scale. For those who put in the tremendous effort, thank you. It clearly showed, as many of you finished strong. For those of you who came […]