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Monthly Archives: May 2017

HST116 – US History II

Grades have been formally submitted to the college, and grades sheets have been updated. Thank you all for the hard work this semester, and I will you all future success in all that you do in the coming days.

HIST113 – US History I @ Atlantic Union College

As discussed in class yesterday, here are the grading components of our class as well as the relevant dates for each: The scheduled dates for the mini-exams are as follows: #1 = 5/15 (15%) #2 = 5/22 (15%) #3 = 5/30 – NOTE: Monday the 29th is Memorial Day (15%) #4 = 6/5 (15%) #5 […]

HIST113 – US History I @ Atlantic Union College

Welcome! I shall be adding a dedicated section to this website for your class, and hope to have the information present by week’s end. As discussed on the first day of class, your grade will consist of five weekly mini-exams and a 1500-2000 word research paper. which is due by the last day of class […]

LSB327 – Both sections of BLaw & PSC221 – State & Local Gov’t

All exams have been graded, final averages have been calculated, and grade sheets for these three classes have been updated. I shall be formally submitting grades to Nichols & QCC tomorrow. Thank you all for an enjoyable semester and best of luck in all of your future endeavors. HST116 – US History. Your grades are […]