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Monthly Archives: March 2018


As mentioned this morning, I provided an extra-credit opportunity available to any student who earned a failing grade on the first exam. If you fall into this category, you may complete a 2-page reflection paper on Chapter 11 from Volume I of Mein Kampf – Nation and Race worth up to 20 points. These points […]


After much consideration, I have decided how best to facilitate your mid-term. So far, we have effectively covered the material in Chapters 16-21. For your mid-term exam, you are to answer 20 of the “Review the Main Ideas” questions found at the end of each chapter. As there are approximately 30 questions, this means you […]

HST232 & PSC221

Grade sheets for both HST232 & PSC221 have been updated. For PSC221, the grade posted will be your mid-term grade. For HST232, I will be offering two extra-credit assignments on Monday. With luck, we will be able to get them added to your average before the college needs me to submit mid-terms. I would ask […]


Participate Assignment #5 is due tomorrow if classes are held. If not, it is due the Tuesday after Spring Break.

HST112 & LSB327

HST112 – All exams have been graded, and I’m pretty sure I also graded all of the extra credit work submitted thus far. The grade sheet for your class has been updated. LSB327 – Grade sheets for both sections have been unlocked and updated. Unfortunately I had to submit your mid-term grades earlier than expected. […]