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Monthly Archives: April 2018


Final time! You are to answer 20 of the “Review the Main Ideas” from the chapters we covered since the mid-term – 22-28. Once again, this means you may essentially pick and choose what you wish to answer. It is my expectation that you answer each question fully. When you complete your final, please email […]

HST112, HST232, LSB327 & PSC221

Grade sheets have been updated. For HST112 (American Nation II), HST232 (WWII & Holocaust), and PSC221 (State & Local Gov’t), your final will be 40% of your final grade. For LSB327, your final will be 30% of your final grade. Please put the effort in to your studies. Remember: a good showing on your final […]


Participation Assignment #9 is due Tuesday 4/17 Participation Assignment #10 is due Thursday 4/19 And, I have updated the grade sheets as of today – 4/12. NOTE: I need to add the attendance, and will do so over the weekend.

HST232 – Extra Credit

Last two opportunities for Extra Credit in addition to the Chapter Review Questions for the final chapters of the text. You may write two-page paper reflection papers for Mein Kampf Chapters XIV (Eastern Orientation) and XV (Emergency Defense). As with the previous assignment, you need to summarize the entire chapter – not just the first […]

Final Exams for All Classes

AMC HST112 – American Nation II – Saturday May 5th 8-10am HST232 – WWII & the Holocaust – Monday May 7th 8-10am Nichols LSB327 Business Law & Ethics – Tuesday May 1st – during class time QCC HST105 – World Civilization II – Wednesday May 2nd – 2-4pm PSC221 – State & Local Gov’t – […]


Participation Assignment #8 is due Tuesday 4/10.