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Monthly Archives: May 2018

HST112 & HST232

All work has been corrected, final averages have been tabulated, and grades have been posted to AMC. Thank you all for an enjoyable semester. I had a lot of fun with both groups. Hopefully you enjoyed your experience as well. For those who are graduating, best of luck in all of your future endeavors. For […]


All exams have been corrected, final averages calculated, and grades uploaded to QCC. I also updated the grade sheet for the class. Thanks for the enjoyable semester. As I said before handing out your exams, local government is the most important level within our federal system for you as an individual citizen. Stay informed and […]

LSB327 – Both Sections

All exams have been graded and final averages have been tabulated. I will be uploading grades into Moodle on Monday. If you have any questions about your grade, you have until noon on Monday 5/7 to inquire. Once I upload the grades into the college’s system, there can be no corrections. Thank you for the […]