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Monthly Archives: October 2018

HST110 & HST114

Grade sheets have been posted. These are up-to-date as of today (10/15) and include all work that I assigned and received. The grades post is what you will receive on mid-terms. But, as I said in class, these only represent a small percentage of your final grade. There is still significant time and work left […]

LSB327 – Both Sections

Just as a reminder, Participation Homework #4 is due Tuesday, 10/16. Also, I updated the grade sheets for both classes. The grades as they stand represent your mid-term grades. NOTE: you may have refresh your browser to see the changes. Remember: your mid-term is only approximately about 30% of your overall final grade. There is […]

All Classes

Audio files from last week’s lectures have been uploaded.


Your first exam will be given in class on Wednesday 10/10.


You first exam will be given in class on Wednesday 10/10. I have also uploaded an assignment covering the British tax measures implemented in the wake of the French and Indian War. These are due Monday 10/15. You must both email me a copy of your response and bring a hard copy to class.


Questions for Chapter 5 have been added to the homework section. These are due on quiz day. Also, over the weekend, you are to attempt to draft a thesis statement for your paper. Use the internet to find a guide, and we will review your efforts collaboratively in class on Wednesday – 10/10.