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HST111, HST118, HST116

All grading for American Nation I, Global History II, and US History II is up to date, and grade sheets have corrected. You may have to refresh your browser to see the changes. Please note: for all three classes, the grade you see represents 60% of your final average. So, a lot can change with your final exam, which constitutes 40% for all three classes.

Additionally, I have updated the attendance column and it is current as of today – 12/10/17. Some of you have perfect attendance. If this is maintained over the few remaining classes, you will receive an bonus on your final average. Others have gone over the allowable absences and will be receiving a penalty. For a full breakdown of how much, I suggest you review the attendance policy within the syllabus sections of this website. Please note: neither the bonus nor the penalty have been factored into your current average. Adjustments for attendance will be the last thing I do before submitting your grades to your respective colleges.

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