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As mentioned this morning, I provided an extra-credit opportunity available to any student who earned a failing grade on the first exam. If you fall into this category, you may complete a 2-page reflection paper on Chapter 11 from Volume I of Mein Kampf – Nation and Race worth up to 20 points. These points will be added directly onto your exam grade. It is due Friday 3/16, which is when I have submit your mid-term averages to the college.

The focus of this assignment will be a discussion of Hitler’s view on race. In doing so, you must fully discuss the entirety of his position. It must be typed and I am expecting college-level work (re: grammatically clean). I shall grade it in a similar fashion as your research paper, except all possible point deductions are 1/5 of what is stated in the “Paper Grading” section of the website. The only exception is with citations. Because it is a reflection paper, you may quote (provided it is at a minimum) or paraphrase without including footnotes.

Any other student who wishes to do this assignment may do so. However, it will be worth 10 points and these points will be counted as extra-credit. To receive these points, this assignment must be submitted before exam #2.

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