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Homework reminders:

Due Monday 2/8 – you must read the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and be able to discuss 1) the rights contained therein, 2) the expected duties of Massachusetts “citizens”, and 3) the basic frame of government.

Due Friday 2/12 (by 11:59:59:59:59pm) – Three page essay. Page 1 = summary of Federal #10 & #51; Page 2 = summary of Centinal #1; Page 3 = based on the way things are today, who was right (Publius or Centinal) and why. You will send this to me via email at my nichols account (re: NOTE: in case I forget to mention it in class, you must send me the file as either a .doc or .docx. Sorry Mac people, I cannot open whatever the standard file is for Apple users. Please, when you save it, remember convert it before sending.

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