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In case you did not receive my email to your QCC account:

Hello everyone,

As you hopefully are aware of by now, the college is closed and all evening classes have been cancelled because of a bomb threat. If you are on your way, turn around and save yourself the effort.

This obviously complicates things for us. After much thought, I have decided: 1) we will still have our exam as scheduled next week – 4/6, 2) it will cover up to and including WWI & the settlement (so Progressivism in Ch 19, all of Ch 20, and all of Ch 21), and 3) I will share with you my notes for WWI for you to use in your studies. Here is a link to a .pdf of my lecture notes for WWI & the settlement: WWI.pdf

If you are answering the review questions for bonus points, I will accept questions from chapter 19 (unless you already answered these for Exam 1), chapter 20, & chapter 21.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

With luck, I’ll see you all next week at 4pm for our second exam.


J. Limanek

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