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I have begun the process of adding the outlines for our class to the website. These can be found in the “Outline” section under HST110. The list will be added to as we proceed through the semester.

LSB327 – Both Sections

Participation Assignment #2 is due Thursday 9/13.

HST110 & HST111

Remember – your on-going homework is to read the chapters that correspond to what is covered in class. Even though it may seem redundant, I strongly urge you to reread each chapter several times. And, you have the option of completing the review questions at the end of every chapter we cover this term.

For HST110 – All “Reviewing the Objectives” questions are worth 1 point each. All “People, Ideas and Events in Context” questions are worth 1/2 point each. So, for example, you have opportunity to earn a maximum of 10.5 bonus points for Chapter 18 (5 pts for Review and 5.5 pts for PI&E), which is equal to 2.1 points added to your final average.

For HST111 – You are to answer “Review Questions”. Each response is worth 1 point. So, for example, Chapter 1 has 8 questions. For answering each question effectively, you can earn 8pts, which is equal to 1.6 points added to your final average.

All Classes

All lectures have been posted as of today – 9/10. Sorry for the delay.

HST114 – Genocide

As mentioned in class, your first homework questions are due on the date of the first quiz. These have been posted in the writing assignment section on the homework page. Quiz Date = TBA

For the class immediately following the quiz, you are read the essay by Rowben Adalian discussing the Armenian Genocide. A link can be found within the “required reading” section on the homework page.

LSB327 – Both Sections

As mentioned in class, participation assignment #1 is due next Thursday – Sept 6th. It should be handwritten and brought to class. NOTE: essentially you are to complete a partial brief (facts, issue, rule) from the .pdf, and the remaining portion – the court’s analysis – should come from you. If you base your decision firmly on the rule of law and explain your reasoning, there can be no “wrong” answer. I would suggest your revisit the full decision and the judge’s reason in Kuehn v. Pub Zone as a guide.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me over the weekend.

Good luck!

All Classes – Welcome

Welcome to my class website. On this site, you will final tools which can aid you in your efforts to achieve success. Please take a look around. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. The best way to get in touch with me on non-class days is my personal email account which I set up for use by all of my students – to contact me. Make sure you put your class number and section in the heading line and identify which college you are enrolled somewhere in your message.

Best of luck this semester. Reminder: success typical parallels effort. The more effort you put into your studies, the greater chances you have of achieving the grade you rightfully earn.

Important dates for all classes:

Anna Maria College
September 5th – 1st Day of Classes with Me
September 11th – Add/Drop Ends
October 8th – Columbus Day
October 26th – Mid-Term Grades Due
November 7th – Last Day to Withdraw
November 12th – Veterans Day
November 21th & 23rd – Thanksgiving Recess
December 14th – Reading Day
December 17th-21st – Final Exam Week
HST114 – Dec 17th 10:30am
HST111 – Dec 19th 8:00am
HST110 – Dec 21st 8:00am

Nichols College
August 28th – 1st Day of Classes with Me
August 31st – Add/Drop Ends
October 9th – Advising Day – Abbreviated class schedule
October 12th – Mid-Term Grades Due
November 6th – Last Day to Withdraw
November 20th & 22nd – Thanksgiving Recess
December 13th – Final Exam for both Sections of LSB327

HST112 & HST232

All work has been corrected, final averages have been tabulated, and grades have been posted to AMC.

Thank you all for an enjoyable semester. I had a lot of fun with both groups. Hopefully you enjoyed your experience as well.

For those who are graduating, best of luck in all of your future endeavors. For those who will be back in the Fall, enjoy your summer and I hope to see you on campus.


All exams have been corrected, final averages calculated, and grades uploaded to QCC. I also updated the grade sheet for the class.

Thanks for the enjoyable semester. As I said before handing out your exams, local government is the most important level within our federal system for you as an individual citizen. Stay informed and become active. It is where you can make a difference!

LSB327 – Both Sections

All exams have been graded and final averages have been tabulated. I will be uploading grades into Moodle on Monday. If you have any questions about your grade, you have until noon on Monday 5/7 to inquire. Once I upload the grades into the college’s system, there can be no corrections.

Thank you for the hard work this semester. Law is a challenging subject and I applaud you all for sticking with it. If you wish to see your final exam, contact me in the fall and we can arrange time for you to take a look.

Best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors.