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LSB327 – Both Sections

Homework #4 has been posted to the homework section. It is due Monday 10/16. Only two case need to be briefed. Make sure you concentrate on the torts contained in both cases and how the court analyzes the presence of the elements.

LSB327 – Both Sections

Participation Assignment #3 has been posted on the Homework page. Your briefs are due on Monday Oct 2nd for an in-class discussion. Please note that this in NOT a “You Be the Judge” type assignment. I am only interested in what the court says. Make sure you focus on the rules of law used by the court to determine the outcome of each the case. Remember: it is law upon which each case hinges.

Additionally, your first exam will take place on Wednesday Oct 4th.

All classes

Sorry for the delay with the lectures for this week. All links have been added and the audio files have been uploaded. If you experience any technical issues, be sure to let me know.

Thanks – and have a great weekend!

LSB327 – both sections

Homework Assignment #2 has been uploaded. NOTE: Ignore the title. Even though it is labeled as Assignment #3, it is your second.

It is due Monday. Don’t forget to use the checklist provided in class. And, if you have any questions what so ever, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Good luck!

All classes

All errors with last week’s recordings should have been corrected. If you notice anything that I missed, please do not hesitate to let me know.

HST111 & HST118

For those Freshmen who participated in a Day of Giving at the college, the lectures for Thursday’s classes have been posted. It is your responsibility to get the information you missed.

HST111 (AMC), HST118 (AMC), HST116 (QCC)

Just as a friendly reminder – topics for your research paper are due by Friday 9/22. You may tell me during class time or submit your topic by email at


The “model brief” link in the homework section has been corrected. Thanks to those students who brought it to my attention.

HST118 & HST111

Updated the site to include both of your classes. NOTE: none of the changes deviate from what was covered this morning. Additionally, I added the lectures for both classes.

See you Thursday!

LSB 327 – both sections

Participation Assignment #1 has been posted in the “homework” section. This must be handwritten and brought to class on Monday September 11th. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.