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Grades for PSC221

All work has been completed, grade sheets have been updated, and final grades have been submitted to the college.

Thanks for enjoyable semester!


AMC & Nichols Grades

All work and exams have been corrected for my classes at Anna Maria & Nichols, the grade sheets have been updated, and final grades have been submitted to your respective college. Thank you to you all for the tremendous effort you put in this term. I hope you have much success in life.

Be well!


NOTE: PSC221 at QCC will be finished, posted and submitted tomorrow.

All classes

All lectures have been uploaded as of today 5/2.

Good luck as you prepare for your finals!


All grading papers and extra-credit has been completed, and the grade sheet has been updated. The grades shown represent 60% of your final grade.

HST110 and HST112 (both sections)

Grade sheets have been updated and include all extra-work received as of Friday 4/5.

Upcoming dates all classes

Both HST112 & HST110
– Mon 4/8 at 2pm; footnote review in St. Josephs Room 110a
– Paper due date = Wednesday 4/24

– Exam #2 Tues 4/9

– Exam #2 Tues 4/9
– Paper due date = Tuesday 4/23

HST112 – Both Sections

As promised, here is a link to your assigned number for the various laws covered in class – CLASSLIST. It is posted by IDs to ensure anonymity.

LSB327 – Both Sections

Initial grade sheets have been posted and mid-term grades have been uploaded to the college.

Issues with Recordings

It has been brought to my attention that significant portions of the records have been dropping out. Unfortunately it appears that the wire to my clip on mic is failing. While I have ordered a replacement, I will unlikely not have it in before the end of next week. While this will not impact AMC students, it obviously will for those who attend Nichols and QCC.

To those who have been taking advantage of this resource, I am sorry to report that there is nothing I can do to clean up the recordings. But, going forward the issue will be corrected.

HST110 & both sections of HST112

The grade sheets for your classes have been added to the “grades” section of the website. Pay particularly close attention to the attendance. Many of you have already used almost of all of your excused absences. Just as a reminder, you are allowed only SIX absences (MWF classes get six; TTH classes get four) before the penalty (-3 off your final average per class) will kick in.