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HST110 & HST114

Grade sheets have been posted. These are up-to-date as of today (10/15) and include all work that I assigned and received.

The grades post is what you will receive on mid-terms. But, as I said in class, these only represent a small percentage of your final grade. There is still significant time and work left to complete before the term ends for you to significantly impact your standing in our class.

LSB327 – Both Sections

Just as a reminder, Participation Homework #4 is due Tuesday, 10/16.

Also, I updated the grade sheets for both classes. The grades as they stand represent your mid-term grades. NOTE: you may have refresh your browser to see the changes. Remember: your mid-term is only approximately about 30% of your overall final grade. There is still significant time left in the semester to impact your standing in BLaw – both positively and negatively.

All Classes

Audio files from last week’s lectures have been uploaded.


Your first exam will be given in class on Wednesday 10/10.


You first exam will be given in class on Wednesday 10/10.

I have also uploaded an assignment covering the British tax measures implemented in the wake of the French and Indian War. These are due Monday 10/15. You must both email me a copy of your response and bring a hard copy to class.


Questions for Chapter 5 have been added to the homework section. These are due on quiz day.

Also, over the weekend, you are to attempt to draft a thesis statement for your paper. Use the internet to find a guide, and we will review your efforts collaboratively in class on Wednesday – 10/10.

LSB327 – Both Sections

Participation Assignment #3 is due Tuesday 9/25.
Exam #1 will be given Thursday 9/27.


In the “Paper” section, I posted the critical pieces of your paper. These will be discussed in detail in class.

HST110, HST111, HST114

Topics for your papers are due Friday 9/21. You may submit them via email in advance if you so choose.

All Classes

Lectures for the entire week have been posted.