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As mentioned this morning, I provided an extra-credit opportunity available to any student who earned a failing grade on the first exam. If you fall into this category, you may complete a 2-page reflection paper on Chapter 11 from Volume I of Mein Kampf – Nation and Race worth up to 20 points. These points will be added directly onto your exam grade. It is due Friday 3/16, which is when I have submit your mid-term averages to the college.

The focus of this assignment will be a discussion of Hitler’s view on race. In doing so, you must fully discuss the entirety of his position. It must be typed and I am expecting college-level work (re: grammatically clean). I shall grade it in a similar fashion as your research paper, except all possible point deductions are 1/5 of what is stated in the “Paper Grading” section of the website. The only exception is with citations. Because it is a reflection paper, you may quote (provided it is at a minimum) or paraphrase without including footnotes.

Any other student who wishes to do this assignment may do so. However, it will be worth 10 points and these points will be counted as extra-credit. To receive these points, this assignment must be submitted before exam #2.


After much consideration, I have decided how best to facilitate your mid-term. So far, we have effectively covered the material in Chapters 16-21. For your mid-term exam, you are to answer 20 of the “Review the Main Ideas” questions found at the end of each chapter. As there are approximately 30 questions, this means you may essentially pick and choose what you wish to answer. It is my expectation that you answer each question fully. When you complete your mid-term, please email it to me at This assignment is due by Monday March 19th at the latest.

HST232 & PSC221

Grade sheets for both HST232 & PSC221 have been updated.

For PSC221, the grade posted will be your mid-term grade.

For HST232, I will be offering two extra-credit assignments on Monday. With luck, we will be able to get them added to your average before the college needs me to submit mid-terms. I would ask that you also review the attendance policy within the syllabus section of this website. Currently there are some of you on the verge of incurring the attendance penalty for too many absences.


Participate Assignment #5 is due tomorrow if classes are held. If not, it is due the Tuesday after Spring Break.

HST112 & LSB327

HST112 – All exams have been graded, and I’m pretty sure I also graded all of the extra credit work submitted thus far. The grade sheet for your class has been updated.

LSB327 – Grade sheets for both sections have been unlocked and updated. Unfortunately I had to submit your mid-term grades earlier than expected. All work was entered that was in my possession before I submitted mid-term grades to the college.

LSB327 – Both Sections

Participation Assignment #4 will be due on Thursday March 1st. You are to follow the model brief for this assignment. This means I should not see your opinion in the analysis – only the court’s reasoning. Also, in finding the rule of law used by the court in making its decision, remember the rule essentially answers the question asked in the issue.

Upcoming Exam Dates

LSB327 – both sections = Exam #1 will be given Tuesday 2/20
HST112 = Exam #1 will be given Wednesday 2/21
HST232 = Exam #1 will be given Friday 2/23
PSC221 = Exam #1 will be given Tuesday 2/27


The “new” participation assignment #2 has been posted. It is another You Be the Judge. You are to hand-write this assignment and bring it in for discussion on Tuesday.


HST112 & PSC221

On Tuesday January 30th, President Donald J. Trump will be giving his first State of the Union Address to the nation. Considering the importance of us all to be better informed citizens, I will offer ONLY TO THESE TWO CLASSES an opportunity to earn extra credit. Even though sections of LSB327, HST105, and HST232 are not eligible for extra credit, I would strongly suggest you tune in as well.

Those students eligible for extra credit and wish to complete this assignment will write a 1-2 page, single-spaced typed or written reflection paper. It will contain four things: you will discuss/describe/explain in your own words the President’s statements regarding 1) a single domestic policy achievement/goal, 2) a single foreign policy achievement/goal, 3) an explanation as to why you selected the two items you choose to discuss, and 4) a personal statement as to what your overall feeling was of the speech itself as a whole.

For PSC221, this assignment must be submitted on Thursday February 1st.
For HST112, this assignment must be submitted on Friday, February 2nd.

Successful completion of this opportunity will be FIVE extra credit points, which is the equivalent of ONE point added to your final average in May.


If you have not noticed yet, I have begun uploading extra reading assignments. Please do not feel obligated to read ahead. I will be referencing these in class. And, for some, I will put together extra-credit opportunities because there are relatively few review questions contained within the text.