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HST112 & HST232

All work has been corrected, final averages have been tabulated, and grades have been posted to AMC.

Thank you all for an enjoyable semester. I had a lot of fun with both groups. Hopefully you enjoyed your experience as well.

For those who are graduating, best of luck in all of your future endeavors. For those who will be back in the Fall, enjoy your summer and I hope to see you on campus.


All exams have been corrected, final averages calculated, and grades uploaded to QCC. I also updated the grade sheet for the class.

Thanks for the enjoyable semester. As I said before handing out your exams, local government is the most important level within our federal system for you as an individual citizen. Stay informed and become active. It is where you can make a difference!

LSB327 – Both Sections

All exams have been graded and final averages have been tabulated. I will be uploading grades into Moodle on Monday. If you have any questions about your grade, you have until noon on Monday 5/7 to inquire. Once I upload the grades into the college’s system, there can be no corrections.

Thank you for the hard work this semester. Law is a challenging subject and I applaud you all for sticking with it. If you wish to see your final exam, contact me in the fall and we can arrange time for you to take a look.

Best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors.


Final time! You are to answer 20 of the “Review the Main Ideas” from the chapters we covered since the mid-term – 22-28. Once again, this means you may essentially pick and choose what you wish to answer. It is my expectation that you answer each question fully. When you complete your final, please email it to me at Because I forgot to post this sooner, I will give you an extension – it is due by Tuesday May 8th at noon.

Also, if you have failed to send me any of your outlines, now it the time.

HST112, HST232, LSB327 & PSC221

Grade sheets have been updated.

For HST112 (American Nation II), HST232 (WWII & Holocaust), and PSC221 (State & Local Gov’t), your final will be 40% of your final grade.

For LSB327, your final will be 30% of your final grade.

Please put the effort in to your studies. Remember: a good showing on your final can make up for any bumps you have experienced this semester. At the same time, a poor showing could be a definite negative.

Good luck!


Participation Assignment #9 is due Tuesday 4/17

Participation Assignment #10 is due Thursday 4/19

And, I have updated the grade sheets as of today – 4/12.

NOTE: I need to add the attendance, and will do so over the weekend.

HST232 – Extra Credit

Last two opportunities for Extra Credit in addition to the Chapter Review Questions for the final chapters of the text.

You may write two-page paper reflection papers for Mein Kampf Chapters XIV (Eastern Orientation) and XV (Emergency Defense). As with the previous assignment, you need to summarize the entire chapter – not just the first two pages.

I will award up 10 points for each submission. These will be due on the day of our Final Exam.

Final Exams for All Classes

HST112 – American Nation II – Saturday May 5th 8-10am
HST232 – WWII & the Holocaust – Monday May 7th 8-10am

LSB327 Business Law & Ethics – Tuesday May 1st – during class time

HST105 – World Civilization II – Wednesday May 2nd – 2-4pm
PSC221 – State & Local Gov’t – Tuesday May 8th – 11:30-1:30


Participation Assignment #8 is due Tuesday 4/10.


All quizzes and participation homeworks have been graded and grade sheets for both classes have been updated.

Also, I would ask that you refresh your memory of the grading system for this class as outlined within the syllabus section of this web site, particularly the quiz and participation portions of your grade as well as the attendance policy. While I will remind both sections heading in the final third of the course how your final grade will be calculated, please take the time to do so beforehand. Thanks and Happy Easter!